This calculator helps farmers to calculate the impact of lameness on their farm business, understand the breakdown of the lameness costs as well as the extra profit potential of reducing lameness through the Healthy Feet Programme or Healthy Feet Lite.

The calculator conservatively measures the financial impact of lameness and the extra profit potential by reducing lameness. There are many non-financial benefits including animal welfare and job satisfaction.

How to use the calculator?

To use the calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by entering information on the number of cows in your herd, average milk yield and milk price.
  2. Select whether or not your mobility scoring is done by an independent accredited scorer listed on the Register of Mobility Scorers (RoMS).
  3. Select whether you have recent mobility scoring data? If you do, enter the number of cows scored in total and those that score 2 and 3 If you don’t, enter the number of lame cows in your herd.
  4. Enter your farm’s targets for the % of cows at score 2 and 3 for your herd.

Improving Dairy Herd Mobility
Lameness costs

The calculator will give you a breakdown of your total lameness costs per year for your herd, per year per cow in your herd, in pence per litre as well as cost of lameness per day. The calculator will show you the origin of the costs such as fertility, reduced milk yield, culling and treatment.

Potential Profit Potential

The calculator will conservatively report your potential total savings per year if your targets are met as well as your potential additional margin in pence per litre.

Cost breakdown

The calculator will show you the origin of the costs such as fertility, reduced milk yield, culling and treatment.

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